Legal and Illegal Immigration

With the fall of American society, we see amazing blindness to an increasing danger to freedom. While many Protestant values are being shed, there is a failure to recognize what the open borders mean to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. For some reason, the eye has been turned from the reality of what it means to admit into America those who despise religious freedom.

Europe, which has extolled the virtues of "diversity" are seeing the results of treating all cultures the same. They had little regard for their Protestant heritage and now realize it may to late to stop the carnage. Women who do not cover their heads are being raped because they are said to be prostitutes. Sweden which began their experiment in the 70s, now is known as the rape capitol of the world.

It is interesting to see those in America who are so violent about equality for women remain silent about Islam and its violence towards women. There is a sickness spreading throughout the world. Hypocrisy. We see that the world and this hypocrisy has entered the church.

Europe has areas that are so violent that police will not enter, yet nothing is said about the fall of its society. Still governments are pushing for more immigration instead of less. How is it that the people's safety is of such little concern? And, in America there are many who wonder how such a man as Donald Trump could be elected President. The devil himself could be elected if he stood against what is happening in America. Of course the devil is a liar and would not do what he said he would do.

We are not discussing politics, but principles, Protestant principles of liberty. That liberty upon which America was founded is disappearing. Freedom of speech is not welcomed by many in America. To stand up and speak the truth is about to become illegal. In the Islamic countries of the world, some are put to death for speaking certain things against their religion.

Many in Europe are waking up to what they have lost. With the president of Turkey, Erdogan, establishing a renewed caliphate, it has become apparent that Europe is losing its freedom. "Recent experience with Turkey shows that Europe must set clear limits to its concessions. We can negotiate money but never our values. We cannot impose our standards on the rest of the world. Equally, others cannot impose their standards on us. Our freedoms, including freedom of expression, will not be part of political bargaining with any partner. The Turkish president must heed this message," Tusk emphasized.  source

What will be the future in America? In the not too distant future will there be laws against free speech. Will some want to put to death those who speak against a particular religion? Look at the various religions in America today and seek to understand what their fundamental beliefs say about freedom of conscience. It may be that Islam is not the only religion that would use the state to punish or put to death those who do not follow its tenets.

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