Turkey, an Islamic Caliphate

Turkey continues striving to become the acknowledged leader in the world of Islam. While ISIS is warring for the attention, Turkey's president continues moving his nation away from a secular government to an Islamic state. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended a  Muslim prayer ceremony for Muhammad Ali, but changed his plans and refused to go the funeral.

"Turkish media reported that Erdoğan was vexed after funeral organizers rejected his request to lay a piece from the cloth covering the Kaaba — located in Islam’s most sacred mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia — on Ali’s coffin during a funeral ceremony. They reportedly also denied a request for Turkey’s top cleric, traveling with Erdoğan to the U.S., to read from the Quran at the multi-faith service, attended by 14,000 in Ali’s hometown, according to Turkish Dogan news agency." http://www.politico.eu/article/recep-tayyip-erdogan-fails-to-grab-spotlight-at-muhammad-alis-funeral-turkey/

The request if honored would have put the spotlight on him as a great leader in Islam. There has been much agitation coming from Turkey expressing the thought that Turkey (Erdoğan) needs to regain her position as leader of Islam (a caliphate). Even the New York Times in an op-ed piece has suggested Turkey's president be called “Sultan Erdogan”. It is hard to believe the editors at the Times have studied the Book of Daniel. They have no idea what they are publishing.

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