The First Textbook

Parents should make the Bible the first, the best, and the most interesting textbook. Several times each day moments should be set aside for prayer, Bible reading, and memorizing scripture. Songs may be made from Bible verses and sung throughout the day, lifting hearts heavenward during work and play. Wise instruction from the pages of this book are to be the guidelines of life and need to be instilled in the mind at the earliest possible age. Lessons from the Bible can be made so simple, so clear, that small children can understand them. As a child grows, there is a depth and richness to the Word of God that will not fail to instruct.


From the Bible children will learn of God's character, and His tender regard for them. As the lessons of the Bible are learned the child's character will begin to be molded into His image. Morals will be based on God's ideals, not the changeable values of the world. The religious life will reveal true reverence for God. The love, wisdom and power of God will be implanted in the child's very being. Through the Bible's principles children will also learn justice and judgment.


By encouraging the study and practice of scripture we will be setting our children on the path of righteousness; revealing to them the blessings for those who are faithful and true as well as the need to shun all evil. A noble character does not come by chance. We need to faithfully mold each child's character from the earliest years as we live God's love and law in our homes presenting examples worthy of emulation. Has this been neglected in the home? Begin now, in the love and admonition of the Lord, to set things right. God blesses all faithful efforts.


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